$20 [materials included] Register in advance and pay upon entry


  • SAT 11 NOV | 2PM | Woodcut Workshop w/ Danny Gonzalez [Puerto Rico|US]
  • SUN 12 NOV | 2PM | Linoleum Printing Workshop w/ Carlos Barberena [Nicaragua]

Woodcut Workshop

SAT 11 NOV | 2PM | $20, Materials included (confirm your space now, pay upon arrival)

Instructor: Danny Gonzalez | Puerto Rico

This workshop is designed to challenge artists to produce large scale compositions using elements of woodcut prints which will be creating during the course. Printing techniques including multiples, scale, contrast, directional movement, positive and negative spaces, and artistic composition will be the determining factors in our final mural. This mural will be the result of group collaboration throughout the course.

Artists will learn the basic foundation of woodcut printmaking. Participants will be guided through the process of creating single color woodcut prints eventually pasted together to form large-scale editions. By the end workshop, artists will have gained or furthered their knowledge of carving, printing, and cutting-out small, medium, or large scale woodblocks.

Workshop Series of Events:

  • Orientation and presentation
  • Idea generation and woodcarving
  • Print demo
  • Editioning the blocks.

Audience and Meaning:

Artist are encouraged to create pieces that will reflect some aspect of their own culture, habits, dreams, ambitions, desires, sins, and passions. Virtually any driving forces within the society where you live is encouraged to be used as subject matter for our prints. If we are indeed a result of our environment, perhaps combining a manifestation of these various factors may offer a shed light onto the complexities and dualities that exists in our lives.

Danny Gonzalez is a printmaker, performance artist, songwriter, and entrepreneur. His journey is one of persecution, battles both internal and external and his ability to dust himself off and pursue his passions at any cost… Danny’s life goal is to bridge cultural divides by finding a common ground in humanity. This year Danny embarked on the The Helios Circuit/Diverse Universe tour with NON GRATA [Estonia]. Many great things are sure to follow…

Materials: 9”x12” Unmounted Linoleum. [Gray Battleship] 9”x12” Acrylic plates [plexiglass] [1 per student] Linoleum Cutters. Relief Black Oil Based Ink. Wooden Spoons. Brayers. 3 Watercolor sets Watercolors brushes [scholastic or student grade round, flat and line] India Ink. BFK Rives Paper. 250/grms [30”x22”] [2 sheets per student] Sekishu Natural Paper. 30/grms [19.5” x 24”] [1 sheet per student] Blotting Papers or Bath Towells. Carbon Paper. Newsprint paper. Drawing Pencils. 2 Mat boards. X6acto Knife. 1 Ultra IVORY concentrated dishwashing liquid [or any brand]. 1 Canola Oil. 1 Concentrated Simple Green. Cotton Balls [1 bag] 1 Masking Tape. Small plastic disposable plates. [1 per student] T-shirts. Baby wipes.


Experimental Linoleum Printing Workshop

SUN 12 NOV | 2PM | $20
(confirm your space now, pay upon arrival)

Instructor: Carlos Barberena  | Nicaragua

Linoleum described the 20th century movement in the art of relief cuts. Linoleum is also used far more than any other material to create relief prints. The technique is the same technique used for wood cuts. Linoleum allows materials to be easily cut due to their softness of the material, lack of grain, and fiber direction. During this workshop, participants will learn how to adapt a design for relief printing, transfer the design onto the block, and cut the block with different gouges to create an enriched and balanced relief print. Artists will use two methods of printing: by hand using a wooden spoon on Japanese paper and printing with an etching press using the BFK Rives Paper.

Workshop Series of Events:

  • Black and white printing techniques
  • Color printing techniques
    Creating a colored monotype utilizing designs from the linoleum plates
  • Preparing an acrylic plate [plexiglass]
  • Preparing the acrylic plate with watercolors
  • Using linoleum and acrylic plates in a double-printing process to create the colored monotype
  • Print the linoleum design in one color on a tshirt using an etching press

Participants: PLEASE bring a 9”x12” design [or idea] ready to transfer onto the plate.

Carlos Barberena is a Nicaraguan self-taught Printmaker based in Chicago. Barberena is the founder of the printmaking project La Calaca Press in Chicago [http://www.lacalacapress.com]. He has exhibited individually in Costa Rica, Estonia, France, Mexico, Nicaragua, Spain and The United States of America. His work has been shown in important Art Fairs, Art Biennials, Museums, Galleries and Cultural Centers around the world, among them: the IX Nicaraguan Visual Arts Biennial [IX BAVNIC]; Hanal Pixan – Food for the Souls, curated by Dolores Mercado, National Museum of Mexican Art, Chicago; 6th KIWA at the Kyoto Museum of Art in Japan; Takanabe Art Museum, Miyazaki, Japan; 8th Triennial – Mondial de L’Estampe et de la Gravure Originale in Chamalieres, France; Identity Imprint: A Glance at Ibero-American Printmaking curated by Juan Bernal at the Mexican Cultural Institute in Washington, DC.

Materials: A public wall to wheatpaste. 2 Tyveck paper rolls. 2 heavy weight craft paper rolls. 2-3 Gamblin black relief ink. Woodblocks for each student. [MDF] Cutting utensils for each student. Enough wheatpaste to cover a wall, and a few gallons more. Shellac, mineral spirits and denatured alcohol. Paint rollers and paint brushes. Paper towels or rags for clean up.



Join DFBRL8R for our our 2nd International ANARCHIST PRINT FAIR November 10, 11 and 12 from noon to 8pm each day. Discover local, national and international artists working in a variety of printmaking styles for THREE WILD DAYS filled with innovative and provocative artwork. The print fair is FREE and prices for the art work range from low to high. The artists in this fair possess a certain irreverence and courage that sets their work apart from other printmakers. An international perspective lends eccentricity to this rebellious collection of artists assembled by Estonian printmaker, performance artist, and organizer, Anonymous Boh of the anarchist performance collective, NON GRATA [Estonia].

Performances will take place Saturday evening at 8PM; Workshops will take place on Saturday and Sunday at 2pm [$20, register in advance]; LIVE T-shirt printing will take place daily from 12-8PM with the image “Stamp to the Brain” by Anonymous Boh for $15; and FREE MIMOSA’s on Sunday 12 November starting at noon, while supplies last.