Time to give…

Time to give…

Based in Chicago, Defibrillator Gallery [DFBRL8R] is an international roving platform dedicated to Performance Art. Itinerant since 2020, DFBRL8R presents projects whenever and wherever opportunities arise. Actively contributing to global dialogues surrounding time-based art and immaterial expressive forms, DFBRL8R energetically bridges local and global communities while raising awareness, appreciation, and respect for the discipline of Performance Art.

One of only a handful of organizations worldwide with a focus specifically on Performance Art, DFBRL8R’s provocative and reputable programming champions artists and audiences who are diverse in their culture, identities, and worldview by providing a valuable platform with a propensity for speaking to the concerns of people of color, queer and trans communities, people with disabilities, and all those who are invested in alternative modes of being in society.

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Make a meaningful contribution to Chicago’s alternative cultural landscape by giving to DFBRL8R today. Your contribution will go toward the following projects: 

  • Help maintain the DFBRL8R Relic Archive [D.Rive]. A fetishistic fascination with Performance Art artifacts and a decade of non-stop events has resulted in our accumulation of a massive and idiosyncratic object collection. D.Rive is a strange, unique, and wonderful homage to the art and artists that were part of the first decade of DFBRL8R. Of course, we also have an extensive digital archive with spectacular photography and video. We are committed to finding solutions for making both archives available for academics, artists, and the public at large to use as resources and fonts of inspiration. Donations go toward space rental, insurance, and other expenses relating to cataloging and eventually exhibiting this unique collection of performance art artifacts.
  • Support SPRING 2024 DFBRL8R programming including the return of our popular LyP SiNC Show, an outdoor group action on the Spring Equinox, and another collaboration with our dear friends at SITE/less – a guerrilla storefront positioned as an experimental architecture, movement, and research center. Donations go toward paying artist and crew for these events. 

GIVE with PAYPAL : https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/DFBRL8R