Summer in the Creative City

Summer in the Creative City

Summer in the Creative City

an unconventional residency program in a former brewery on the baltic sea

Defibrillator Performance Art Gallery [DFBRL8R] has teamed up with NON GRATA and Loovlinnak to produce a residency program that aims to enliven and enrich the cultural landscape in the Baltic Seaside town of Pärnu in the south of Estonia.

There will be resident artists throughout the summer but the bulk of our energy will go toward hosting and organizing the DIVERSE UNIVERSE + PRINTMAKING IN FESTIVAL, a massive endeavor with dozens of artists and exhibitions taking over Pärnu on FRI+SAT 02+03 AUG 2024.


The scale and duration of DIVERSE UNIVERSE allows for deep and meaningful interdisciplinary cross-fertilization between artists from different nationalities to push the boundaries of contemporary performance art, and in turn excite audiences with new work that is affective, thought-provoking and responsive to our current times. The aim is to bring experimentation, non-conformity, and creativity back to contemporary art. Diverse Universe is a nomadic performance festival that fosters cultural fluidity through the exchange of ideas, concerns, and cultural perspectives.



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Non Grata Collective, founded in 1998 in Estonia, is an internationally renowned performance art group that has significantly impacted the global art scene. Known for their provocative and boundary-pushing performances, Non Grata operates with a fluid membership, emphasizing anonymity and collective identity over individual recognition. The group’s name, translating to “undesirable” in Latin, reflects their commitment to challenging societal norms and artistic conventions.

Non Grata’s work is characterized by its raw, unfiltered approach, often incorporating elements of danger, discomfort, and unpredictability. Their performances frequently critique contemporary socio-political issues, consumer culture, and the art world’s commodification. The collective’s unconventional methods include using public spaces for spontaneous performances, engaging audiences directly, and incorporating multimedia elements such as video, sound, and digital art.

The group has performed extensively across Europe, North America, and Asia, participating in prestigious art festivals and events such as the Venice Biennale, the New York Underground Film Festival, and the Guangzhou Live Art Festival. Non Grata’s exhibitions have been featured in prominent galleries and museums, showcasing their ability to blend high art with avant-garde performance.


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Loovlinnak Creative City, situated in the heart of Pärnu, Estonia, is a vibrant hub for creativity and innovation. As an incubator for artistic expression and entrepreneurial endeavors, Loovlinnak plays a pivotal role in fostering a dynamic community of artists, designers, tech enthusiasts, and cultural entrepreneurs.

Housed in a repurposed industrial complex that was formerly a historic brewery, Loovlinnak Creative City uniquely blends historical architecture with modern amenities, providing an inspiring environment for its residents. The transformation of the old brewery into a creative city exemplifies adaptive reuse of industrial heritage, preserving the architectural charm while equipping the space with contemporary facilities. The city offers a diverse range of facilities, including artist studios, co-working spaces, galleries, event venues, and workshops. These spaces are designed to support a wide array of creative disciplines, from visual and performing arts to digital media and design.


Defibrillator Performance Art Gallery, also known as DFBRL8R, is a pioneering institution dedicated to the presentation and promotion of performance art. DFBRL8R has hosted numerous acclaimed national and international artists, establishing Chicago as a global nexus for performance art. Their mission is to support and amplify voices that are often underrepresented, creating a space that is inclusive and transformative. In addition to exhibitions and performances, DFBRL8R is committed to education and community engagement. The gallery offers workshops, artist residencies, and public discussions, contributing to the ongoing dialogue and evolution of performance art.