sandrine schaefer

sandrine schaefer

SANDRINE SCHAEFER is a BOSTON-based artist, writer and curator. she is a co-founder of THE PRESENT TENSE, an art initiative that produces and archives live art events and exchanges in transient spaces. she has been actively showing her own work and the work of others internationally since 2003.

SANDRINE’S ephemeral artwork explores cycles of the invisible becoming visible. she is inspired by site sensitivity, the relationship between accumulative action and endurance, manipulating duration to challenge the parameters of real time, and the promise of collaborative imagination.

dfb artist-in-residence october 2011 ALIVE performce of “transmogrify” and MDW fair fall 2011 performance of “temp control”

photos by NAYEON YANG and featured photo by JOSEPH RAVENS

video on SANDRINE’S ALIVE performance by ROSA GAIA SAUNDERS on videos page