Defibrillator Gallery proudly presents
A fifty-one hour performance by
FRI 18 MAR | 6PM >>> SUN 20 MAR | 9PM

The past is another county and they do things differently there. – Jeanette Winterson

REMAINS is a durational performance and sculptural collaboration between artists SOFIA MORENO, ROSÉ, and the general public. Unfolding over fifty-one hours, the performance juts into sexual histories/herstories, myth, love, public intimacy, pain, religious colonialism, and, ultimately, human existence. Laid bare on a dying landscape, the artists become anthropologists excavating personal and imagined pasts (and futures) through on site object-making and buried relics. The public is asked to bring clothes or other textiles to contribute to the installation. Each garment represents a story and, when assembled, our collective human existence.

SOFIA MORENO was born and raised in Coahuila, Mexico. In 1994, she immigrated to the United States and lived in Dallas, Texas. She then moved to Chicago, where she currently lives and works. Sofia is a multimedia artist and her subjects include expressions of the sacred and profane, the body, sexuality, religion and socio-political issues within contemporary culture. Moreno is currently working on the follow up to her six-year project, P o r n A g a i n. “I’m interested in the essence of the body rather than the form itself. I paint a sexually and spiritually confused youth.”

ROSÉ HERNANDEZ is a Chicago body-based artist and healer. Drawing from elements of butoh, theater, music, and ritual, Rosé navigates the post-millennial landscape in search of love, immanence, and, ultimately, healing. In addition to their solo practice they are currently collaborating with artist Efren Adkins on Burning Orchid a pre-identity/post-colonial performative earthwork. Rosé attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (BFA 2008). They were awarded with residencies at Links Hall, ACRE, and High Concept Laboratories. In the past they have collaborated with artists Ron Athey, Manuel Vason, Sofia Moreno, Ginger Krebs, and Heather Lynn. They have presented work at JACK (NYC), The Judson Church (NYC), Oliver Francis Gallery (Dallas), MOCA (Los Angeles), Human Resources (Los Angeles), Aux Performance Space (Philadelphia), Little Berlin (Philadelphia), and in Chicago at Defibrillator Gallery, The Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, S+S Project, Sullivan Galleries, Aldo Castillo Gallery, Western Exhibitions and New Capital.

> photo credits: KATE BOWEN