Fierce Opposition | PerForMIA

Fierce Opposition | PerForMIA

Fierce Opposition

opposites not only attract, they are essential

SAT 09 DEC | 6-11PM

EDGE ZONES | 3317 NW 7th Ave Circle | MIAMI

featuring performance art by

Roberto Sifuentes [US]

Non Grata [Estonia]

John O’Donnell [US]

Joseph Ravens [US]

\|/∆/|\∆y∆ ‡()rr3s [Colombia]


Fierce Opposition features international performance artists who embody divergent practices. This project delves into the reality of opposing forces by revealing the interconnectedness of contrary states. Aristotelian scholar Jonathan Barnes describes the convergence of opposites – a coexistence of conflicting interdependent conditions that are suspended within a field of tension. This tension is the inspiration behind Fierce Opposition. Embracing fragmented consciousness and existential conflict, the artists in this live-art exhibition reveal the interconnectedness of contrary states while demonstrating that opposites not only attract, they are essential.


This DFBRL8R project is part of PerForMIA ’23, an in-person festival scheduled to coincide with Miami Art Week 2023 at Edge Zones. The performance program will run alongside “Multiple Experiences: Contemporary Views from The Caribbean,” featuring three solo exhibitions by artists Nelson Gutierrez, Elsa María Meléndez, and Charo Oquet.



Roberto Sifuentes [] is an interdisciplinary performance artist whose work fuses highly charged cultural issues with wild pop culture aesthetics. From homeland security to extreme reality television – from video games to military training – from fetishism to evangelism – Sifuentes creates interactive performance installations where personas wind their way through psycho/sexual/political/ universes. The result is a cinematic style that uses satire, humor, and spectacle to peel away the viewer’s protective layers and reveal society’s desires, fears and obsessions. 

Non Grata_DFBRL8R@Zhou B Art Center 2018

NON GRATA [] is an Estonian performance group that travels constantly all over the world presenting original performances and organizing the Diverse Universe Nomadic Performance festival. The main characteristics of Non Grata members are anonymity in group work, ignorance of the local art world, and critique of mass media. Non Grata manifests creative freedom while physically weaving together a worldwide creative network. The main point of the group is ethical – it is the image of primitivism, impersonality and experimental creativity. The performances of the group take place according to the logic of avoiding codes. The presentations are physical texts whose ways of orthography and reading are kept within limits of real actions by the group members. Aesthetic and provocative challenges are represented in places where the Art World doesn’t work. 

Photo by Ants Liigus

Photo by Ants Liigus

John O’Donnell [] is a printmaker and new media artist who uses a variety of mediums to convey a variety of messages. His practice as a new media artist addresses artifice, awkward transitions, nostalgia and media representation through video, installation and performance.  As a printmaker he use a variety of traditional and experimental techniques to address formal and conceptual topics pertaining to illusion, construction, failure and nostalgia. Ultimately, he is a studio artist compelled to create images that locate an ambiguous degree of resolution through applied awareness of content and form.

Joseph Ravens, Dancing With Goats, Fortress Laboratory, Elbasan, Albania Photo by Pawel Korbus 2021 2

Joseph Ravens [] received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in theater and studied audiovisuals at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam before earning a Master of Fine Arts in performance from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Numerous grants and awards have allowed Ravens to build an international reputation as an artist, curator, and academic throughout North and South America, Europe, and Asia. Ravens is founder and director of Defibrillator Gallery and co-founder and director of Rapid Pulse International Performance Art Festival.

WAmaya Torres Field arms watches a pig play with its shadow PERFORMANCE

\|/∆/|\∆y∆ ‡()rr3s [] is one of the main figures behind {\}() {\}∆‡!(){\} Tangential Unspace Art Lab in Chicago – an experimental platform for time-based art including performance, sound, video, and new technologies. {\}() {\}∆‡!(){\}  is a pivotal space that is instrumental in shaping and maintaining Chicago’s alternative cultural landscape…

Joseph Ravens, Charo Oquet [Edge Zones founder+curator], Al Paldrock [Non Grata]

Joseph Ravens, Charo Oquet [Edge Zones founder+curator], Al Paldrock [Non Grata]

Edge Zones [] is an artist and volunteer–run contemporary arts non-profit dedicated to the research, conceptualization and execution of events that strengthen the contemporary art environment in Miami. EZ seeks to serve as a laboratory for creative exploration, and to offer a space where audiences can witness the creative process as it unfolds making contemporary art accessible, engaging and to create a focal point for international research and awareness.  Edge Zones is committed to assist local artists from diverse economic, social, and cultural backgrounds in their creative production and disseminating their professional development in national and international forums by establishing a strong regional exchange network connected to the rest of the world. 

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