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DFBRL8R + SITE/less proudly present

This Used To Be My Playground 

Curated by John Thomure

Featuring performance art by:

Lucia Galvez Chico

Gage Sixkiller

Sarah Pramuk

John Thomure

Erin Peisert

This Used To Be My Playground

This Used To Be My Playground

FRI 24 MAR 2023 | doors 7PM + show 8PM

SITE/less | 1250 W Augusta Blvd 

This Used to Be My Playground is an exhibition about nostalgia, about memories, about childhood. The past is a powerful force that we never escape from, a place we long to return to, and a jungle gym of aspiration and anxiety. The artists Gage Sixkiller, Sarah Pramuk, Erin Peisert, Lucia Galvez Chico, and John Thomure have assembled performance and fibers works, video and text that encapsulates all these feelings and more. On Friday, March 24, come witness snapshots of birthday parties, fairground toys, rediscovered friendships, and fear.


SITE/less [] is a guerrilla storefront overseen by Zephyr artistic director Michelle Kranicke and architect David Sundry, the space is positioned as an experimental architecture, movement, and research center. SITE/less seeks to rethink the relationship between the typical model of most performance venues and how the organization of those venues inevitably limits and conditions the curatorial practice. One focus of SITE/less is to develop a space that is, in itself, performative and to make use of an architectural approach that serves to stage a program of expressed activities while, at the same time, employing a structure that is open to unplanned social interactions and chance events.

Defibrillator Gallery [] is one of only a handful of organizations worldwide with a focus specifically on Performance Art. Recognizing a demand for spaces that adeptly present time and body-based visual art, founder and director Joseph Ravens created an international platform known for bold and courageous programming that aims to provoke thought and stimulate discourse surrounding experimental time-based practices. DFBRL8R is dedicated to cultivating emerging artists while broadening Chicago arts discourse through the presentation of professional contemporary artists of exceptional calibre from around the world. Actively contributing to global dialogues surrounding conceptual, ephemeral, or immaterial expressive forms, DFBRL8R exhibitions ask visitors and participants to reconsider what art is and what art may still become.