THE ISLAND THEATRE CO 08.23 - 09.08 @ dfb


08.22 – 09.08.13
THU – SAT @ 8PM, SUN @ 3PM
$15 buy advanced tickets at brown paper tickets

THE GLASS INWARD, inspired by VIRGINIA WOOLF’S fantastical biography, ORLANDO, invites audiences to look through the screen, the surface of a frozen river, a window, and into the eyes of one swept along by an endless unspooling of time. in this immersive environment inhabited by citizens of the threshold between past and present, we examine the ever-shifting landscape of male and female, memory and experience, technology and its discontents, and emerge transformed.

THE ISLAND is committed to new and diverse forms of play-making and refuse to accept that there is a finite number of ways to structure a performance. they aim to infuse their performances with delightful surprise and unexpectedness through inventive formats that do not necessarily resemble traditional mediums.

their performances could last an hour, a second, or even a year. their work is constructed to give audience members the opportunity to be an active participant, engaging with the performance on the same plane as the performers. the content for ISLAND performances are derived from many sources. books, novels, plays, poetry, fossil samples, interviews, blood, nutritional information, nonsense sounds of all kinds, dreams, brain waves, radio waves, microwaves, other people’s garbage, music, anti-music, anti-anti-music, hypnotic suggestion, sermons, prayers, blasphemies, and cupcake icing will all be acceptable forms of source material.

they are interested in when, why, and how our fingers and minds intersect with this world. the meat of their performances is the collision of research and awareness of the world around us, personal reaction, the unleashing of subconscious impulse, and the input/reactions of audience members.