the bunker


DEFIBRILLATOR performance art gallery

05.20.12 @ 6PM

THE BUNKER is a portable, wearable, and deployable personal protective device against the apocalypse designed to protect its occupants from natural disasters, nuclear terrorism, and divine intervention. a bunker is a sanctuary, a shell, a home, a utopia, a prison, a safe place, a closet, a shelter, a pillow fort, an EDEN, a hole six-feet under ground.

VINCENT TILEY is a performance and new media artist living in CHICAGO and a current MFA candidate at THE SCHOOL of the ART INSTITUTE of CHICAGO. VINCENT was born in WEST VIRGINIA, on the northern most border of the AMERICAN BIBLE BELT. his work investigates extremist religious views, their political motivations, and their dependence on a belief in a pending apocalypse.

“this piece is a response to what I believe is a dangerous conflation of politics with eschatological beliefs. such as the belief that the book of revelations describes a nuclear war. I think this has also created ideas about family and what is a “safe place” that I want to question. I want to think about the bunker as utopia, as cocoon, as prison, as eden. this is by no means meant as a swat at personal faith.”  – VINCENT TILEY