In Tandem: In The West Desert / It’s not all bad.


Defibrillator proudly presents
IN TANDEM: In The West Desert / It’s not all bad.

01 SEP 2016 | 6PM

IN TANDEM: In The West Desert / It’s not all bad.. is an active representation of the hurting, healing, and celebration which occurs while grieving. Soyoung Shin and Marcela Torres will each walk to Defibrillator Gallery from separate locations that stand in for the losses of their fathers. During their journeys, Shin and Torres will carry the physical weight of the person they lost. Viewers will be able to follow the walk through a live web feed. The performance will continue in gallery, where the materials will be assembled into altars. Together Shin and Torres create a dialogue about how one feels loss, what are the manners of honoring the deceased and how can one assist another in similar situation. Within the process of grief and bereavement one becomes confronted by oneself, through the embodiment of their sentiments for another. The period of experiencing loss is a bizarre, intense, fluid process that can surprise and overtake a person. One does not know what their personal grieving will be until it occurs.


SOYOUNG SHIN is a visual artist who explores experiences of subjectivity in a intersectional context. Working in video, photo, performance, and installation, she asks the audience to bring awareness to the ways in which first person narrative informs our overall perception.

Soyoung was born and raised in a suburb of Seattle, and is currently based in Los Angeles. She studied computer science at the University of Washington.

MARCELA E TORRES’S artistic practice reevaluates historical representations of strength, violence, and endurance experienced by disenfranchised communities in USA. Marcela Torres was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah within the Latter Day Saint (LDS, or Mormon) faith. Torres allows her personal and familial history to be the inspire questions about migration, labor and the ancestral body.