Sunflowers for Zvenigora Vendors

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Defibrillator Gallery and SITE/less proudly present:

Sunflowers for Zvenigora | ART FAIR

An art fair and performance art series to benefit refugees from Ukraine.

SAT 07 MAY + SUN 08 MAY | 1-7PM

SITE/less | 1250 W Augusta Blvd | 60642


Ashanti Owusu-Brafi + Frog and Hank + Kali Butterfly + Marz Brewing Company + Oh Well Press + Perfectly Acceptable + Pramuk Prints Kiki’s Quilty Pleasures

The generous vendors will donate a percentage of their proceeds to the Longo-Mai Co-Op and International Rescue Committee who are both doing the important work of providing assistance to Ukrainian refugees.

Kali Butterfly makes colorful chainmail jewelry and provides essential products for the eclectic witch.

Kali Butterfly

Kali Butterfly [] Kali Butterfly makes colorful chainmail jewelry and provides essential products for the eclectic witch and will be selling jewelry, crystals, tarot cards, and magickal supplies

Ashanti Owusu-Brafi

Ashanti Owusu-Brafi

Ashanti Owusu-Brafi is an eclectic maker working through memory. Their practice weaves through mediums of industrial labor, architecture, and photographic emulsion.

Frog and Hank

Frog and Hank

Frog and Hank [] is an eco-friendly yarn shop featuring 100% recycled yarn made of 100% natural fiber – NO plastics! Selling recycled wool yarn, wool batts, and reclaimed buttons, Frog and Hank strive to create the best quality fiber products in the most environmentally aware way.

Perfectly Acceptable | Prayer to Saint Therese by Alabaster Pizzo

Perfectly Acceptable | Prayer to Saint Therese by Alabaster Pizzo

Perfectly Acceptable [] A very small Risograph printing studio and publishing house in Chicago run by Matt Davis. Printing is done with a Risograph RZ 990. The Risograph is a duplicator manufactured by Riso Kagaku Corporation in Japan. It works like a mimeograph, using a stencil wrapped around a drum coated in ink. The drum rolls over paper fed through the machine, creating an impression.Risograph printing is extremely efficient, fast, and cost-effective. The Risograph was designed for medium volume printing (50 to 5000 copies), and proves one of the most economical choices against duplicators at such quantities. One only needs to take a peek at what’s being done with Risographs now-a-days to understand the possibilities.

Ohwell Press

Oh Well Press [] is an art collective that focuses on print media works spanning from posters to self-published zines. They will be selling zines, poster prints, and stickers.

Pramuk Prints

Pramuk Prints

Pramuk Prints are AI-generated glitch portraits of bodies by Sarah M Pramuk

Kiki's Quilty Pleasures

Kiki’s Quilty Pleasures

Kiki’s Quilty Pleasures [] is dedicated to innovating and honoring the tradition of quilting through sustainable design and ethical production standards. Working exclusively with reclaimed and organic materials, we aim to transform heirloom quilts through modern design by implementing zero waste techniques and small batch production methods. Giving new life to old textiles, preservation and sustainability are at the core of our mission in designing original, heritage garments and housewares. 

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Marz Brewing Company  [] Founded on the premise that the art, culture, food, and liquid we were drinking and enjoying would also be enjoyed by others, we created Marz as a platform for ongoing experimental collaboration—in the beers we were brewing and with the culture of the city as well.


Longo-Mai Co-Op is a Pan-European anarchist farming collective who currently are working to evacuate people from Ukraine to live in the collective’s unique agricultural communities in Switzerland, Germany, and Poland. Their coop in Zakarpatia Oblast, Ukraine, is evacuating children from Vrubivka village in Luhansk Oblast. Longo-Mai has a history of helping Vrubivka village, even making a summer theater camp for them last year.  Although clearly on the anticapitalist left, Longo maï does not tow a party line, or subscribe to any rigid political viewpoint. Activities focus upon self-sufficiency, community life, craft, agriculture, the management of energy and water, and respect for the environment. Longo Maï has been involved with various international solidarity efforts with a particular focus on resistance against dictatorships.

International Rescue Committee responds to the world’s worst humanitarian crises and helps people whose lives and livelihoods are shattered by conflict and disaster to survive, recover, and gain control of their future. In more than 40 countries and over 20 U.S. cities, their dedicated teams provide clean water, shelter, health care, education and empowerment support to refugees and displaced people.


SITE/less [] is a guerilla storefront located at 1250 W Augusta Blvd, an edge site with ancillary relationships to a variety of urban crossroads and infrastructures. Overseen by Zephyr artistic director Michelle Kranicke and architect David Sundry, the space is positioned as an experimental architecture, movement, and research center. SITE/less seeks to rethink the relationship between the typical model of most performance venues and how the organization of those venues inevitably limits and conditions the curatorial practice. One focus of SITE/less is to develop a space that is, in itself, performative and to make use of an architectural approach that serves to stage a program of expressed activities while, at the same time, employing a structure that is open to unplanned social interactions and chance events. 

Defibrillator Gallery [ | founded 2010] is one of only a handful of organizations worldwide with a focus specifically on Performance Art. Recognizing a demand for spaces that adeptly present time and body-based visual art, founder and director Joseph Ravens created an international platform known for bold and courageous programming that aims to provoke thought and stimulate discourse surrounding experimental time-based practices. DFBRL8R is dedicated to cultivating emerging artists while broadening Chicago arts discourse through the presentation of professional contemporary artists of exceptional calibre from around the world. Actively contributing to global dialogues surrounding conceptual, ephemeral, or immaterial expressive forms, DFBRL8R exhibitions ask visitors and participants to reconsider what art is and what art may still become. Energetically building and bridging local and global communities while fostering discourse, DFBRL8R raises awareness, appreciation, and respect for the medium of performance art.