Spring 2017 SAIC Advanced Fiber & Material Studies presents

Opening Reception:
Friday, May 5th 6-9 PM

On view through:
Saturday, May 6th, 12-5 PM

Recipe for a Split End:
withering fantasy / mending with sap / dust resting on pleather seat / tickling landscape / sitting in a puddle / posing questions / flipping a lemon wedge / dry mouth / prickly feet / several wild flowers / collecting rocks / sex appeal / pining for friends

Flirting with danger, a finger slips scratching the frail edge of the cuticle sheath. In between scratch and brittle fiber exists a misty climate supporting the propagation of fertile split ends. Fourteen makers play, sniff, and negotiate the intersection between breakage — pollinating and conditioning a vinegary serum composed of tense material hybrids. In this elastic biome exists a beating landscape generating the questions:

does a split end resolve an absence?
is a split end an uncategorized measurement of time yet to be
archeologically realized?
do split ends avoid the limelight?
do split ends incorporate fiction into a recipe for reality?
do split ends leisurely sway?
do they have friends?
Should you be So close to my split end?
did we stop at split ends?


Morgan Bussy ⁂ Eve Clark ⁂ Kristine Dalbey ⁂ Caroline Galicki ⁂ Andrew I. Gallardo ⁂ Angel Heard ⁂ Renée Hrovat ⁂ Clare Hu ⁂ Sumin Kim ⁂ Osée Obaonrin ⁂ Raffa Reuther ⁂ Cristina Umaña ⁂ Naomi Powers ⁂ Luis Mejico

Spring 2017 SAIC Advanced Fiber & Material Studies