Self Abnegation 2014 photo Dhaneshwar Shah

Defibrillator Gallery is honored to present
a workshop performance created by

The 7PM performance is the product of a three hour workshop held earlier in the day.  LET’S PLAY will be followed by a talk by Saha about his work and the current performance scene in Dhaka.

Visiting artist SHUBHO SAHA will create a performance with Chicago artists in a three hour workshop to be performed that same day. LET’S PLAY, looks at traditional childhood games, innocence, and how we respond emotionally (as adults) to the nostalgic experience of play. Shubho just completed a residency at Salina Art Center in Kansas, and we are lucky to have him create this work and enrich Chicago before he returns home. This is a valuable opportunity to gain insight into the practice of a contemporary artist working and living in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Shubho Saha is an interdisciplinary artist who works with printmaking and performance as his primary mediums. He holds a BFA and MFA in printmaking from the Faculty of Fine Art, University of Dhaka, and has received major awards in his homeland and abroad. His work has been shown throughout the world, including Bangladesh, China, Italy, Egypt, India, and the United States. Living and working in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Saha is an active member of The Back Art Foundation, a conduit for extraordinary art projects too ambitious for more conventional institutions.