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Help keep live art alive through our LIVE GIVE campaign!


DFBRL8R is gearing up for our spring 2019 season and we can’t do it without you. It is important for us to keep our exhibitions and events FREE and accessible to everyone! We need your support in order to make it possible. If you can, please give – your donation will go toward:

  • Artist fees.
  • Housing and meals for visiting artists.
  • Production expenses and artist materials.
  • Operational costs like insurance, accounting, and publicity.

Will you join our LIVE GIVE to support live art? Our spring 2018 season highlights include: Antibody Corporations 10 year anniversary, IMPACT Performance Festival, participation in IN>TIME Performance Festival, a guest curatorial project by Sarah Skaggs, and Bubbly Creek Performance Art Assembly curated by Angeliki Tsoli. Defibrillator’s bold and courageous programming is only possible with your support.

DFBRL8R LTD is a 501c3 organization and all or part of your gift may be tax deductible as a charitable contribution. The art is living. We are giving. Reciprocate: GIVE TODAY!

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