Queering the Abject


The School of the Art Institute, Department of Photography presents
Queering the Abject

SAT 09 DEC | Gallery hours 5-9PM | performances at 7PM

This exhibition will investigate the power situated within the abject, primarily through queerness. There is a foci on the combination of death and eroticism, ‘looking’ at the ‘othered’ body and the imperative implication of the ‘gaze’ in creating visual media. With a focus on the inherent power and alluded attraction to the perverse, the sexual and the violent, the work will be influenced by queered, racialized and sexualized bodies, roleplay, sado masochism, sadism and the agency of the ‘other’ and ‘othered’ bodies.

Featuring SAIC students in a photo course taught by Oli Rodriguez called, Queering the Abject :

Claire Elizabeth Barnes, Henry Cook, Marina Cortes, Kalia Diioia, Juan Carlos Herrera, H Hu, Yuexin Pan, Jose Carlos Pena, Ythan Aldrik Ponio, Xitlalli Sixta-Tarin Sanchez, Ty Springer, Zachary Sun, Wayne P. Tate Jr, Don Rodney Washington

Henry Cook
Don Rodney Washington
Ythan Aldrik Ponio
Jose Carlos Pena
H Hu