Neighborhood Dances

Defibrillator is proud to present


NEIGBORHOOD DANCES is an ongoing series of daily movement expressions based in residential neighborhoods where the artist, Victoria Bradford, finds herself — from Lake Charles, LA (her childhood home) to Chicago, IL (her recent home). Recorded on an iPhone and distributed through social media, these suburban or urban interventions are brief gestures exploring the residential landscape as a frame or stage for idiosyncratic improvised movement. In performance, the artist will create live actions in conversation with projected videos of various Neighborhood Dances.

Her residency at Defibrillator Gallery includes a workshop for which participants will make their own Neighborhood Dances, activating architecture and environments in Noble Square and other areas of Chicago. In performance, Bradford will create live actions in conversation with projected videos of various Neighborhood Dances alongside the workshop participants who mirror her process: Caroline Galicki, Xinqi|Chelsea Tao, Aurora Tabar, Jessica Cornish, Sarah Gottlieb, Alba Soto, Benjamin Wardell, Marina Miliou, Jason Torres Hancock, and Lia Kohl. Live audio installation by Ryan Packard.

Born in Louisiana in 1980, VICTORIA BRADFORD is an artist and choreographer living and working in Chicago, Illinois. After earning her MFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, she formed the company, A House Unbuilt, as a container for her performance practice. Her work has been produced in conjunction with the MCA Chicago, Chicago Artists Month, Open House Chicago, Chicago Artists Coalition, Design Cloud Gallery, Defibrillator Performance Gallery, and Sullivan Galleries, among others.

Victoria Bradford is a High Concept Labs Sponsored Artist, a Chicago Artist Month Featured Artist, and Neighborhood Dances is a Chicago Architecture Biennial Affiliate Program.