memory vs memory


DEFIBRILLATOR is proud to present
memory vs memory

10.11.14 @ 3PM

  • 30-40 minute performance
  • 20-30 minute post-show discussion

a world of the familiar enters the foreign as the foreign disappears into the familiar. a history that evades confinement. a story. a fable. a nightmare. a legend. a desire. a reality. a fantasy. to be re-membered relapased reiterated. captured within soil and water. unfolding. inheritances evade confinement. watch watch watch, watch until we watch ourselves.

photographer: GIAU MINH TRUONG
designer: JOHN LEE

LY HOANG LY is a visual artist, poet, and editor, born in HA NOI and based in SAI GON (HCMC), VIETNAM. she received her MFA from THE SCHOOL of the ART INSTITUTE of CHICAGO in 2013 with a FULBRIGHT FELLOWSHIP and a DEAN GRANT, and received her BFA from THE HO CHI MINH CITY FINE-ARTS UNIVERSITY in 1999. since 2000, LY has been exploring interdisciplinary arts including installation, video art, performance art and poetry performance. she is the first female visual artist in VIETNAM to do performance art and poetry performance.

awarded several grants, she has been working as an artist in residence several times in the USA as well as KOREA, THAILAND. since 1994, her installations and performances have been presented in various exhibitions and festivals in VIETNAM, and in other ASIAN countries like KOREA, JAPAN, HONGKONG, MACAU and THAILAND, as well as in the USA, GERMANY and FRANCE.

LY’S work explores the cycle of life and death, human introversion and extroversion conflicts, and tradition versus modernity. she has also had a long-held fascination with the dislocation of language and the conceptual space opened up within interpretation.

PATRICIA NGUYEN was born and raised in CHICAGO, ILLINOIS. her current work explores the dialectic between modernity and dispossession as it relates to notions of freedom and home. she has performed at the NHA SAN COLLECTIVE in VIETNAM, the MISSION CULTURAL CENTER in SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, OBERLIN COLLEGE, NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY, and UNIVERSITY of MASSACHUSETTS BOSTON. having studied intensively in the U.S., BRAZIL, and MEXICO, working directly with local artists and community members on performance art, theatre, and visual arts, her work engages these sites as places of rupture and possibilities in the interplay of neoliberal development. she is currently a Ph.D. student in performance studies at NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY.