laboratory of the body



 this is a two-day workshop: SATURDAY AND SUNDAY, SEPT 10 & 11 from 11AM to 3PM

this intensive workshop is for artists who wish to deepen their artistic process beginning with the body as a place of research. through a rigorous learning process, this performance art workshop will focus on zones of intimacy and the act of presence in solo performance. using imagery work and a wide variety of experimental situations, participants will develop skills to communicate with the body and transform ideas into performance. the emphasis will be placed both on solo and group explorations as well as performance process.

 MARTINE VIALE is a MONTREAL based performance artist. using a broad vocabulary of actions, marks, traces and transfers, VIALE’S performance installations gradually accumulate. along with simple materials she incorporates her body to create images that are intimate, ephemeral and poetic. MARTINE has presented her work in numerous performance art festivals, galleries, and in situ contexts around the world including: CANADA, BRAZIL, SERBIA, THE US, THE PHILIPPINES, FRANCE, BELGIUM, THE UK, SPAIN and DENMARK.

view photos from MARTINE’S dfb performance