QUINN BOKOR with the
Fiber and Material Studies Department
at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Honey, Suckle
13 MAY 2016 | 7PM

A slow drip and an intimate gesture: a sweet command to steer your eye and guide you. Connecting softly yet forcing apart; simultaneously shifting intrinsic meanings. A method of relocating the intimacy of an aggregate to an open space, preserving both its sensual warmth and the pleasant itch of a power struggle. Approximal and tenuous efforts displace human interaction with contextualized materials capable of beckoning and repelling. The momentary kiss that precedes a collision of two forces; sticky and saccharin as a means of attracting, drawing in and holding on to, bringing forth from, attempting a nourishing embrace.

honeysuckle-postcardHoney, Suckle is an exhibition of works that claim duality within separate realms of existence, individual bodies amassing in a collective response to action and interaction. Works that assert and ask simultaneously while looking in on themselves and at you; softly commanded labor. Desiring closeness and demanding authority, materials beg for touch and crave control. To impose action is to transform, to beg is to admit vulnerability. We wield curiosity and command, as the double-edged sword of progress.

(Sweetly, propagate)

SAICFeaturing the work of fifteen artists and made possible by the Fiber and Material Studies Department at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Honey,Suckle is a group exhibition presented at Dfbrl8r on May 13, 2016:

Marie Baldwin
Sydney Hochsprung
Lindsey Herbert
Quinn Bokor
Justin Nagle
Tiana Marie Mincey
Eala O’Sé
Caroline Gerberick
Eseosa Ekiawowo Edebiri
Chase Schoonmaker
Yubing Tan
Sarah E. Rieser
Claire Bartlett
Yesenia Bello
Nataliya Kotlova