GATHER | A Performance Art Soirée

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DFBRL8R + SITE/less + Hyde Park Art Center + {\}() {/}∆‡|{}{\} warmly invite you to:


A Performance Art Soirée 

SUN 16 OCT | 4-8PM

SITE/less | 1250 W Augusta Blvd | Chicago

* free drinks and hors d’oeuvres!


Calling all Performance Artists in Chicago and beyond: Let’s GATHER! Defibrillator Performance Art Gallery has been dormant for awhile…but we’re back! We long to see familiar faces and make new friends. We warmly invite the Chicago Performance Art community to assemble and welcome some visiting artists, reconnect with colleagues, and make new friends. Mixer? Reception? Call it what you will…but be sure to attend if you are a Performance Artist or a lover of Performance Art. 

Performance Artists UNITE! If you are an artist, presenter, or admirer, please come to GATHER and celebrate performance art. Join us in welcoming Tina Pētersone from Riga, Latvia, who is a Visiting Resident Curator through a partnership between the Jackman Goldwasser Residency Program at Hyde Park Art Center and CEC ArtsLink. She’s looking forward to interacting with the local performance art scene. Anonymous Boh+Devil Girl from the legendary Estonian performance art collective, Non Grata, will return to Chicago to present a visual art exhibition, Meatballs and World Politics. Defibrillator has a long and loving relationship with this unruly horde who performed at our inaugural exhibition *SPARK in 2010. We will also welcome Érika Ordos, the {\}() {\}∆‡!(){\} resident artist from Venezuela who is thrilled to return to Chicago to make and present work while meeting local performance artists.


In an effort to highlight the amazing Chicago performance art community, you are invited to add your work (of five minutes or less) to a video loop that we will project during the soirée. Simply bring a jump drive or in some way transfer your video to the computer (airdrop, email, whatever) and it will be added and played in the lineup. Note that we will provide some headphones, but image-based work will be best. Still images could be assembled as a slideshow and saved as a movie to add to the playlist. Please contribute!


Tina Pētersone

Tina Pētersone

Tina Pētersone [ b. 1994 Latvia] is a Visiting Resident Curator through a partnership between the Jackman Goldwasser Residency Program at Hyde Park Art Center and CEC ArtsLink. Tina is an independent curator based in Riga who holds an MFA in Curating from Goldsmiths, University of London. In 2017 she finished a BSc in Communication Science from the University of Latvia and spent an exchange semester at Zeppelin University studying BA in Communication & Cultural Management. Tina is a co-founder of an art space In 2019, she was appointed as the first curator-participant at Biennale de la Jeune Création Européenne — a traveling group exhibit hosted alternately for one month by each of its seven partner countries. In 2020, she won the first “Young Curator!” prize at the Riga Photography biennial. In 2021, Tina was granted the CEC ArtsLink International Fellowship at the Hyde Park Art Center in Chicago, IL, USA. She was also recently nominated by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia to partake in the Cité Internationale des Arts residency in Paris in January 2022. Tina’s interests revolve around technology-mediated relationships, psycho-geography, body politics, collective memory, Post-Soviet identity.

Érika Ordos photo by Deborah Castillo

Érika Ordos photo by Deborah Castillo

Érika Ordos [Caracas, Venezuela b. 1980 as Erika Ordosgoitti] is a performance artist, audiovisual artist and poet. She has a degree in Fine Arts Mixed Media Mention from Instituto Universitario de Estudios Superiores de Artes PLásticas Armando Reveron in Caracas. She has been granted several awards including: Young Artist Award from the International Association of Art Critics AICA (2016), Young Artist Award, MISOL Foundation for the Arts, Bogota (2014); First Honorable Mention, SuperCable Hall of Youth with FIA, Caracas (2011); Honorable mention, National Exhibition of Art 34 Aragua, Maracay (2009); University Award, First National Exhibition of Art University, Caracas (2009). Her work has been exhibited at Museum of Contemporary Art of Bogota, Museum of Contemporary Art of Oaxaca, National Art Gallerie of Poland, as well as in multiple academic institutions and private galleries. She is director of El Avispero Artist Residency in Venezuela. 

Non Grata Performance

Non Grata Performance

Non Grata | Anonymous Boh+Devil Girl [Estonia] is a performance group that travels constantly all over the world – Asia-America-Europe – presenting original performances and organizing the Diverse Universe Nomadic Performance festival. The main characteristics of Non Grata members are anonymity in group work, ignorance of the local art world, and critique of mass media. Non Grata manifests creative freedom and Storm Generation while physically weaving together a worldwide creative network. Around the name NON GRATA there have been different hushes and shushes for a long time. Already from the point of view of death of conventionalization of art, NON GRATA has embodied the horrible and unwanted disembodiment of the human person, from which the meaninglessness of nowadays art is pouring out. For those whose world of arts starts from the point where the art world ends, NON GRATA has been a liberator, the orphic gap in a seemingly unalterable course which, however, betrays us; it is a cure from incest. The main point of the group is ethical – it is the image of primitivism, impersonality and experimental creativity. The performances of the group take place according to the logic of avoiding codes. The presentations are physical texts whose ways of orthography and reading are kept within limits of real actions by the group members. Aesthetical and provocative challenges are represented in places where the Art World doesn’t work. 


SITE_lessSITE/less is a guerilla storefront located at 1250 W Augusta Blvd, an edge site with ancillary relationships to a variety of urban crossroads and infrastructures. Overseen by Zephyr artistic director Michelle Kranicke and architect David Sundry, the space is positioned as an experimental architecture, movement, and research center. SITE/less seeks to rethink the relationship between the typical model of most performance venues and how the organization of those venues inevitably limits and conditions the curatorial practice. One focus of SITE/less is to develop a space that is, in itself, performative and to make use of an architectural approach that serves to stage a program of expressed activities while, at the same time, employing a structure that is open to unplanned social interactions and chance events. 

Hyde Park Art Center is a hub for contemporary arts in Chicago, serving as a gathering and production space for artists and the broader community to cultivate ideas, impact social change, and connect with new networks. The Art Center functions as an amplifier for today and tomorrow’s creative voices, providing the space to cultivate and create new work and connections. HPAC offers a comprehensive set of programs that serve the creative and resource needs of artists and our communities. Through our exhibitions, artist talks, studio art classes, international and local residency program, free public events, satellite class sites, and professional development opportunities we work to provide the space for artists at every age and stage to cultivate their practice, build connections, and impact our world. 

Defibrillator Performance Art Gallery [DFBRL8R] is one of only a handful of organizations worldwide with a focus specifically on Performance Art. Recognizing a demand for spaces that adeptly present body-based visual art, founder and director Joseph Ravens created an international platform in 2010 that quickly became known for bold and courageous programming that aims to provoke thought and stimulate discourse surrounding experimental time-based practices. Actively contributing to global dialogues about conceptual, ephemeral, or immaterial expressive forms, DFBRL8R energetically bridges local, national, and global communities by presenting established and emerging Chicago talent alongside exceptional visiting artists. Defibrillator presents provocative and reputable programming to champion artists and audiences who are diverse in their culture, identities, and worldview by providing a valuable platform with a propensity for speaking to the concerns of all those who are invested in alternative modes of being in society. 

{\}() {\}∆‡!(){\} el Laboratorio Tangencial de Arte Posnación [No Nation] is/as an independent disorganization founded in 2012. Its mission has been to serve as an artistic platform for experimental cultural production through Performance Art , language, image making, sound, exhibitions and screenings…etc. We are deeply concerned with critical concepts of origin, the affirmation of agency, intimacy, spontaneity and collaboration in how art is created, discussed and experienced. America is not a country. Calling a country a continent and a continent a country has invisibilized for 500 years the more than 37 countries that exist in the so called American continent. Which is actually called ABYA YALA and TURTLE ISLAND; name given by its native inhabitants way before the start of the European invasion in their 1942. Nations are arbitrary delineations in geography that through history have been kept the way they are by making wars against each other and others. Website:

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