Calcium Deposits: In Situ

Jeremy Pauly | ADRph2 | Intuit Outdisder Art Gallery, Chicago

Calcium Deposits: In Situ

A video performance intervention by

Jeremy Pauly and Allen Conkle

Curated by

Sarah Kathryn Skaggs

FRI 17 MAY | 7pm-Midnight

Johnny O’s |

3561 S Morgan St | Chicago

Allen Conkle [San Francisco] and Jeremy Pauly [Belgium] create performances for a video camera throughout the Bridgeport neighborhood all in one day – Friday, May 17th. The same evening they will hijack the televisions at Johnny O’s Hotdogs where the unedited videos will be played.

Calcium Deposits invites the artists to investigate the public and private effects of neglected trauma through the revitalization of a dormant collaboration. Developed in Winter 2019 through correspondence and independent work in each artists’ home city, the installations and performances will mark the first Chicago presentations from both artists in more than two years.

Allen Conkle_1Not Nothing, image from performance by Allen Conkle

Allen Conkle is an artist based in San Francisco. Allen uses the body, space and materials to investigate masculinity, sexual trauma, memory and transformation. He explores materiality as a means of constructing scores of actions and stations that he activates through ritual and movement interrogating limits of body, spatial and emotional perceptions of proximity and intimacy. He is a lecturer in masculinities, sexual identity and performance studies at San Francisco State University. Allen holds a BA in Theater and Fiction Writing from Columbia College, an MA in Communication Studies with emphasis on Gender, Sexuality and Performance from SFSU, and an MFA in Performance from The School of the Art Institute Chicago.

Jeremy Pauly | ADRph2 | Intuit Outdisder Art Gallery, Chicago Jeremy Pauly | ADRph2 | Intuit Outdisder Art Gallery, Chicago

Jeremy Pauly is an artist based in Belgium. Working across multiple media and installation, his work uses material inquiry to investigate and expose systems and structures. Working collaboratively and alone, Pauly has curated and organized exhibitions in Chicago, Belgium, and France. He holds an MFA in Performance from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and a BFA from IKKG Institut Kuenstleriche Keramik und Glass, Hoshschule Koblenz, Germany.

Sarah Kathryn Skaggs is an independent administrator, organizer, and curator in Chicago. She is currently assisting with the exhibition goat island archive – we have discovered the performance by making it at the Chicago Cultural Center; and is working with Chicago-based performance collective Every house has a door as director of program development. Sarah completed her MA in Arts Administration and Policy at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Missouri with BA in Art History and an BS in Business Administration.

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Main Image: Jeremy Pauly | Still from Video Performance – B05 | Montabaur, Germany 2013