Fade Into


Defibrillator Gallery and Zhou B Art Center proudly present
Fade Into
a five hour performance by
Bruno Isaković [Croatia]

TUE 28 NOV | NOON-5PM | Free

Zhou B Art Center | 1029 W 35th Street

Fade Into is a durational performance series responding to permanent collections and exhibitions in museums and galleries. The artist selects an artwork and through long form performance builds a live installation around its specific political and artistic relevance. During five hours different readings of the artwork and their connotations become a canvas on which performer projects his voice and body. The building elements of this intervention are charged with textual references questioning the artwork’s medium, context, content and history and its different particularities. By reading them aloud to the museum visitors, artist fills the space with intangible perspectives and corporeal aspects of the particular work of art and its context. Adding on to it, Fade Into translates gender, politics and process of transformation that perpetuates throughout life, via the multiple meanings of the naked body. Physical contours and boundaries between corporeal and intangible are gradually blurred as the performer’s body fades into a colour that dominates the space. Embodiment of all collected meanings emerges as an installation offering a paradigm shift to museum visitors. This work is produced by Domino.

photos courtesy of the artist

Bruno Isaković is a performer and choreographer living in Zagreb, Croatia. He graduated with a degree in contemporary dance from Amsterdam School of the Arts in 2009. From year 2011 till 2015 he was a member of the Studio for Contemporary Dance, a company based in Zagreb. He is the artistic director of Sounded Bodies Festival happening annually in the fall season in Zagreb, Croatia. Isaković regularly teaches workshops and dance classes at places like Bilgi University of Performing Arts, Istanbul; The Academy of Dramatic Art, Zagreb; and TSEKH Summer School, Moscow. He has received various scholarships including the Jury Award and Best Solo Dance at Solo Dance International Festival,Budapest; and Croatian national award in 2016 as best choreographer for Denuded (ensemble version). Bruno’s solo Denuded (2013), toured around the world and was performed nearly thirty times on five continents. This led him to create an ensemble version of the work. The performance Disclosures was created and premiered in New York in September 2015, while the Croatian version raSkrivanja, premiered in June 2016. Bruno’s latest work, Suddenly Everywhere, created in collaboration with Mia Zalukar, premiered in June 2017 in Croatia at Perforations Festival, is touring the USA.