dropshift dance


dropshift dance presents
The Remains
An immersive performance melding dance, object, and vibrant image.

August 16-18, Wednesday through Friday, at 7:30pm
General Admission: $25, Students and Seniors: $20
Advance reservations: www.artful.ly/store/events/12659

Featuring: Andrea Cerniglia, Weichiung Chen-Martinez, Jill Moshman, and Alexandra Naranjo.
Original Soundscape: Luke Gullickson
Costume/ Installation: Collin Bunting
Video: Nadia Oussenko
Lighting Design: Richard Norwood
Promo photo: P Dembinski

REMAINS-PROMO_photo-PThe Remains will continue the work of The Imposter Series, an ongoing exploration of the audience/performer relationship that cultivates an active experience and interrogates our cultural norms for consuming performance. Melding dance, object, vibrant image, and original soundscape to explore identity over time, The Remains demonstrates armors that we bear/shed in order to survive and find authenticity in a dynamic community. In performance, movers develop a spectrum of moods through physical relationships to space, each other, and object. The performance will reside within the expansive spaces of the Defibrillator Gallery leading audience through its main space and 3 auxiliary performance spaces- storefront window, basement, and outdoor garage. Vibrant projected images will serve as activation points and reflexive environments with which performer and audience may interact. The original sound score by Luke Gullickson unites acoustic guitars with lo-fi electronics and references the ambient synthesizer soundscapes of Hiroshi Yoshimura, the electric guitar playing of Mary Halvorson and Jeff Parker, and an old recording of three friends describing their dreams. Movement will process, spiral, and cascade within each environment creating a tactile and fluid experience in tandem with projected images and layered musical soundscape.

The evening begins with a series of intimate installation performances scattered throughout Defibrillator. Audience may roam the space freely during this time, and will be offered nourishments and beverages to tote with them along the way. After the installations have completed their cycles, performers will gather viewers and lead them to a communal activation point for the remainder of the evening. Once this portion of the evening has begun, audience will be invited to follow the performers as they wish. At times, performers will all inhabit the same space and will also diverge to separate spaces.

dropshiftdanceCelebrating its 7th Anniversary Season in 2017 and praised for creating work which is “…playful and alluring” (Art Intercepts, Chicago) and “…an ingenious offering…” (Laura Molzahn, The Chicago Tribune), dropshift dance is a provocative, inquisitive and authoritative investigator of movement. Conceived through a collaborative incubation laboratory of movement, sound, and visual installation, the work engages audience with dialogue, choice and experimental practice. The company works through a rigorous process of studio investigation to create work that energizes the space and creates an alternate world for the performer and viewer. dropshift was founded in 2009 by Chicago based artist Andrea Cerniglia as a movement project dedicated to a collaborative and investigative studio practice and pushing boundaries of the art form in performance. The company mines abstract concepts that dissect societal structure, dynamics, and events that surround and impact us. Collaboration extends beyond dance into the realm of film, visual art and installation piece, and musical composition. This multi-disciplinary approach engages audience in a visual, aural, and human experience in order to move audience towards a transformative experience.

This project is partially supported by funding from The MacArthur Funds for Arts and Culture at The Richard H. Driehaus Foundation as well as many generous contributions from individual donors.Dropshift