Defibrillator presents

THU 20 AUG | 6-11
KICKOFF PARTY featuring a night of installation, virtual DJ sets & welcome to Disposition artists
FRI 21 AUG | 7-11
SAT 22 AUG | 7-11
Disposition is an interdisciplinary performance event featuring artists between Boston, NYC, and Chicago. Come gather with us.

This body is political; it’s moving through spaces. A fluttering of colored light on a surface; The act of planning or showing a concept for other people.

projection vs. Projection.

One uses vibrations to place location as well as to signal and receive: sound maker. Experimental sounds and visualizations construct an atmosphere, vaguely familiar and playfully unknown.

Dispositions Kick Off Party Disposition

Disposition isn’t just about one’s general spirit or attitude, but in the way one makes decisions to interact with another. A personal, intimate moment compared to the universal understanding of cyclical life and death. Using projections and sounds, Dis∞position asks artists to use technology and objects as extensions of their selves and their actions.


Transitioning from city to city, emerging artist friends to DFBRL8R in Chicago. Here are artists I’ve met in Boston and outside of Boston. Here are artists who I thought were in one place but are actually in another, there with me at that moment. I’ve asked these artists to ponder and conceptualize around Position and Disposition: physically, metaphysically, and imaginatively.

This body is political: we’re moving through spaces together.

Contrived by Elaine Thap and in collaboration with VIX: Virtual International Exchange


Caitlyn Pozerski
Cris Schayer
Eames Armstrong
Helina Metaferia
Luke Mannarino
Nabeela Vega
Nick Ruhlmann

photos by Cris Schayer, Nabeela Vega