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Érika Ordos photo by Deborah Castillo


DFBRL8R Gallery and {\}() {/}∆‡|{}{\} Laboratorio Tangeπcial de Arte Posnac!óπ

proudly present PERFORMANCE ART by:

Antibody Corporation [Chicago]

Érika Ordos [Venezuela]

Kezia Dorsey Swann [Chicago]


SAT 22 OCT 2022 | 9:30PM [afterparty til 12AM]

This trio of Performance Art coincides with a visual art exhibition by Anonymous Boh [Estonia] called Force of Momentum, opening at 7PM the same evening. 

{\}() {/}∆‡|{}{\} Laboratorio Tangeπcial de Arte Posnac!óπ   1542 N Milwaukee Ave | Floors 2+4 | Chicago



Érika Ordos photo by Gunther Rodríguez

Érika Ordos photo by Gunther Rodríguez

Érika Ordos [Caracas, Venezuela b. 1980 as Erika Ordosgoitti] is a performance artist, audiovisual artist and poet. She has a degree in Fine Arts Mixed Media Mention from Instituto Universitario de Estudios Superiores de Artes PLásticas Armando Reveron in Caracas. She has been granted several awards including: Young Artist Award from the International Association of Art Critics AICA (2016), Young Artist Award, MISOL Foundation for the Arts, Bogota (2014); First Honorable Mention, SuperCable Hall of Youth with FIA, Caracas (2011); Honorable mention, National Exhibition of Art 34 Aragua, Maracay (2009); University Award, First National Exhibition of Art University, Caracas (2009). Her work has been exhibited at Museum of Contemporary Art of Bogota, Museum of Contemporary Art of Oaxaca, National Art Gallerie of Poland, as well as in multiple academic institutions and private galleries. She is director of El Avispero Artist Residency in Venezuela. www.instagram.com/erikaordos 

Kezia Waters | Rooster The Storyteller. Performance. Quebec City. Canada | photo by @jupiter.brown

Kezia Dorsey Swann | Rooster The Storyteller. Performance. Quebec City. Canada | photo by @jupiter.brown

Kezia Dorsey Swann [Chicago] is a storytelling artist whose work highlights the fallacy of fact by using ancient techniques of dreaming and imagination to find that which is true. To this extent, their work has a heavy focus on futuristic myth-making and historical fabulation. They often employ dialogue, song and sound that is felt before heard. They value deep listening for understanding by incorporating body and emotional intelligence. Things are repeated, chopped, elongated, reduced and expanded based on how they feel within the immediacy of the moment. Time Traveling is not only a subject matter in most of their work but a method of creation/ a praxis/ a pedagogy. They push against, overlap and reject syncopation often. Growing up in The Black Pentecostal Church traditions, despite their queerness, they think of the work as trying to find that which is holy, whole, holistic and/ or holds within Black and/or Queer functionality. www.keziawaters.com | www.instagram.com/fagette4life_

Antibody Corporation

Antibody Corporation

Antibody Corporation [Chicago] creates antiworlds, working across media with a focus on music and performance. Antibody has presented works in Chicago and beyond, since 2009. Visit antibodycorp.org  or instagram.com/antibodycorporation/


Defibrillator Performance Art Gallery [DFBRL8R] is one of only a handful of organizations worldwide with a focus specifically on Performance Art. Recognizing a demand for spaces that adeptly present body-based visual art, founder and director Joseph Ravens created an international platform in 2010 that quickly became known for bold and courageous programming that aims to provoke thought and stimulate discourse surrounding experimental time-based practices. Actively contributing to global dialogues about conceptual, ephemeral, or immaterial expressive forms, DFBRL8R energetically bridges local, national, and global communities by presenting established and emerging Chicago talent alongside exceptional visiting artists. Defibrillator presents provocative and reputable programming to champion artists and audiences who are diverse in their culture, identities, and worldview by providing a valuable platform with a propensity for speaking to the concerns of all those who are invested in alternative modes of being in society. www.dfbrl8r.org 

el Laboratorio Tangencial de Arte Posnación {\}() {\}∆‡!(){\} [No Nation] is/as an independent disorganization founded in 2012. Its mission has been to serve as an artistic platform for experimental cultural production through Performance Art , language, image making, sound, exhibitions and screenings…etc. We are deeply concerned with critical concepts of origin, the affirmation of agency, intimacy, spontaneity and collaboration in how art is created, discussed and experienced. America is not a country. Calling a country a continent and a continent a country has invisibilized for 500 years the more than 37 countries that exist in the so called American continent. Which is actually called ABYA YALA and TURTLE ISLAND; name given by its native inhabitants way before the start of the European invasion in their 1942. Nations are arbitrary delineations in geography that through history have been kept the way they are by making wars against each other and others. Website: https://nonationartlab.cargo.site/

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