Bubbly Creek Performance Art Assembly

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Defibrillator Gallery + Zhou B Art Center proudly present

BUBBLY CREEK Performance Art Assembly

A Performance Art festival celebrating the Bridgeport neighborhood

Featuring Performance Art by:

Santina Amato | Jessica Elaine Blinkhorn | Óscar González-Díaz |  Carlos Salazar Lermont |  Giulia Mattera | Smeza+Keegan | Diana Soria | Nicolina Stylianou | ieke Trinks

Curated by

Angeliki Tsoli


DAY 1 | THU 13 JUN | 7-10PM | cross-pollination: Community Partnering | Location TBA

DAY 2 | SAT 15 JUN | 5-9PM | in_visible: In Situ Performances around Bridgeport 

Guerrilla-style: Follow instagram for times+locations: @DFBRL8R

DAY 3 | SUN 16 JUN |  7-9PM | inner.action : Live Art Event | Zhou B Art Center 

FRI3RD | FRI 21 JUN | 7-10PM | [re]action: Visual Art Opening | Zhou B Art Center

Gallery Hours | M>F 10AM-5PM | MON 24 JUN – FRI 12 JUL

Bubbly Creek Performance Art Assembly celebrates the Bridgeport neighborhood and is an homage to Chicago’s rich labor history and how it relates to and influences the local art community. Bubbly Creek is a part of the Chicago river that forms the western border of Bridgeport. It derives this nickname from gases bubbling out of the riverbed from decomposing animal waste dumped into the river a century ago by the Union Stockyards. It still bubbles to this day. Brought to notoriety by Upton Sinclair in his exposé on the American meat packing industry, The Jungle, the contaminated river is a revolting reminder of the harshness of industrial capitalism, exploitation of [often immigrant] labor, and disproportionate concentrations of wealth in America. From the Haymarket Affair in 1886 to the Pullman railroad strike in 1894, labor issues were at the forefront of late 20th century social concerns and are [obviously] still relevant today. 

Statement by Director, Joseph Ravens:

“When I first heard the nickname “Bubbly Creek” I thought it was cute…so effervescent!  Then I learned how this nickname came to be [rotting flesh and chemicals] and was both disgusted and delighted. Rooted in and inspired by locality, Bubbly Creek Performance Art Assembly draws a parallel between the river’s oxymoronic epithet and the perception and experience of performance art: visceral, contradictory, strange…yet [ultimately] fascinating. Bridgeport is a proud working class neighborhood. Carl Sandburg’s poem, “Chicago” coined the term, “City of the Broad Shoulders,” referencing strength and fortitude and the idea that Chicagoans could take on any difficult or demanding obstacle. I believe these qualities not only define citizens of Bridgeport but also the greater art community throughout Chicago. Appreciation for labor is further exemplified by practitioners of Performance Art who, working in an ephemeral and non-commodifiable medium, tend to value [by choice or by circumstance] process [labor] over product [wage], thereby challenging value-driven art production and the entire capitalist system. These are the associations and inspirations behind our three day festival.” 

FRI3RD | An accompanying visual art exhibition will open on June 21st at Zhou B Art Center as part of their popular monthly 3rd Friday event featuring exhibitions and open studios throughout the impressive five-story converted warehouse.

Defibrillator Gallery [DFBRL8R] is an international platform for Performance Art known for bold and courageous programming that aims to provoke thought and stimulate discourse regarding time-based artistic practices. Actively contributing to a global dialog surrounding conceptual, ephemeral, or enigmatic modes of expression, DFBRL8R aims to raise awareness, appreciation, and respect for the discipline of Performance Art.

Proudly part of Zhou B Art Center, a privately funded complex founded in 2004 by the Zhou Brothers in Chicago’s historic Bridgeport neighborhood, DFBRL8R LTD is a 501c3 arts organization made possible with support from Elizabeth Morse Genius Charitable Trust; Martha Strutters Farley and Donald C. Farley, Jr. Family Foundation; Zhou B Art Center; DFBRL8R Board of Directors; and generous contributions from our loving community.