body + space = time

BODY + SPACE = TIME 9-9-11

p e r f o r m a n c e   a r t   b y


BODY + SPACE = TIME is a group show of body-based art focusing on durational events and action-oriented performance

SEPTEMBER 9, 2011 performances 7pm to 10pm reception 10pm to midnight

MONTREAL performance artist MARTINE VIALE will create an art installation at the POLISH TRIANGLE on FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 9 from 5 to 7PM. using a broad vocabulary of actions, marks, traces and transfers, VIALE’S performance installation will gradually accumulate in the public space. along with simple materials she incorporates her body to create images that are intimate, ephemeral and poetic. inspired by the idea of ‘body displacement’ the durational performance will evolve into a procession to DEFIBRILLATOR where the piece will continue after 7PM as part of this show. in the electrodes (windows) will be TAISHA PAGGETT and DAVID LAKEIN. both artists have a strong interest in bridging the sensibility and discourses of both the visual and performing arts. PAGGETT is a LOS ANGLES and CHICAGO based artist and co-founder of the dance journal project itch. she holds an MFA from UCLA’s DEPARTMENT OF WORLD ARTS and CULTURE and is currently a member of the DANCE FACULTY of COLUMBIA COLLEGE in CHICAGO. performing in venues and festivals across EUROPE and in the US, LAKEIN covers a broad spectrum of approaches, forms, and situations. his work embraces and confronts the edge between the profoundly serious and ridiculously silly. JAEUK SONG intends to create sensual experiences by experimenting with tasks and interactions. JAUEK has performed at the MDW fair, SAIC NEW BLOOD, and curated the ‘TOUCH...’ show at DEFIBRILLATOR. while currently exploring the medium of performance, MELODY SNYDER is also interested in creating objects that function as non-expressive entities.

view photos from MARTINE VIALE’S performance