Apprentice 2018

Apprentice program

Lal Avgen [2016 Apprentice] | Land | Photo by Andrei Venghiac | DFBRL8R 2017


DFBRL8R APPRENTICE PROGRAM is a system of structured mentorship in exchange for service at Defibrillator Gallery. Designed to provide professional experience, practical knowledge and applicable skills, the DFBRL8R Apprentice Program helps provide the manpower required to sustain our non-profit organization. Apprentices gain insight into the inner workings of the organization, including all our struggles and triumphs. Performance Art is a unique medium so we frequently find ourselves tackling peculiar situations. Ok, sometimes it is a lot like a reality TV show…no joke.

2018 DFBRL8R Performance Art Apprentice Program
11 MONTHS | 01 AUG 2018 > 30 JUN 2019 | deadline 22 JUL 2018

DFBRL8R Performance Art Apprentice Program will accept SIX Student Participants who will run all aspects of the organization for eleven months. In January of 2019, about halfway through the program, the Student Participants will be invited to continue or be replaced. In June of 2019, outstanding apprentices will be invited to go on tour, including opportunities to perform. The program finishes with successful Student Participants showing their work in the annual DFBRL8R Apprentice Exhibition at Zhou B Art Center in August 2019. At that event the next generation of apprentices will act as crew for their first time…


Commitment: A minimum average of 8 hours a week is requested in order to be considered an official Apprentice. DFBRL8R Apprentices are needed mostly on weekends, our exhibitions are usually on Saturday evenings at 7PM (though this varies widely). We often install all day Saturday, Friday evenings, or earlier in the week. Administration and maintenance happen throughout the week. Workload and hours vary widely based on the scale or nature of the work being presented. Apprentices are encouraged to attend discussion groups once or twice a month on Sunday mornings from 11-2PM (Mop Talks).

Advantages to becoming a DFBRL8R APPRENTICE

  • FEEDBACK SESSIONS. Joseph Ravens responds to your current work or portfolio, one-on-one.
  • STUDIO TIME. Access to unused time at the gallery for artistic development.
  • MOP TALKS. These sessions take place once or twice a month on Sunday mornings from 11-2PM, following most performances (occasionally the artist is present). Inverting hierarchy, Joseph Ravens cleans the gallery while apprentices sit and watch and discussions unfold. The group will engage in conversations ranging from the prior evening’s work to analysis of a particular genre or idea. These visits may include virtual interviews/conversations with guests, along with other advice and information about arts administration and professional development.
  • PRACTICAL SKILLS. Apprentices learn a lot of applicable knowledge about Performance Art and running a non profit 501c3 organization, publicity, documentation, archive, installation and many other areas.
  • PERFORMANCE OPPORTUNITIES. Accomplished apprentices are offered opportunities that arise.
  • MEETING ARTISTS. Gain valuable insight into how artists from around the world work and live. Make meaningful and valuable connections with artists, organizations, and communities.
  • MEALS. Work sessions lasting six hours or longer include a simple meal. Snacks, coffee, tea, etc. are always available during work sessions.
  • DISCOUNTS. Workshop rates for apprentices are often discounted or waived.
  • ALUMNUS. Student rates, discounts, and access to VIP events for life, upon request. Website listing on the DFBRL8R Apprenticeship Alumnus roster.