Fair Hours [free]

  • FRI 10 NOV | 4-11PM
  • SAT 11 NOV | 12-11PM
  • SUN 12 NOV | 12-4PM

Anarchist Performances | SAT 11 NOV | 8-11PM | $10
LIVE T-shirt printing | daily 12-8PM | “Stamp to the Brain” by Anonymous Boh | $15

WORKSHOPS |  $20 [materials included] | Register in advance, pay on arrival :

Join DFBRL8R for our our 2nd International ANARCHIST PRINT FAIR November 10, 11 and 12 from noon to 8pm each day. Discover local, national and international artists working in a variety of printmaking styles for THREE WILD DAYS filled with innovative and provocative artwork. The print fair is FREE and prices for the art work range from low to high. The artists in this fair possess a certain irreverence and courage that sets their work apart from other printmakers. An international perspective lends eccentricity to this rebellious collection of artists assembled by Estonian printmaker, performance artist, and organizer, Anonymous Boh of the anarchist performance collective, NON GRATA [Estonia].

Anarchist Performances will be Saturday, November 11 from 8-11PM featuring:

NON GRATA [Estonia]
Antibody Corporation [Chicago]
Joey Sledgianowski [Boston]
Lexi Harrington [New York]
Mina Büker [Turkey]

Workshops will take place on Saturday and Sunday at 2PM [$20, register in advance]; LIVE T-shirt printing will take place daily from 12-8PM with the image “Stamp to the Brain” by Anonymous Boh for $15; and FREE MIMOSA’s on Sunday 12 November starting at noon, while supplies last. Performances at 8pm Saturday 11 November will include NON GRATA [Estonia], Antibody Corporation [Chicago] and more to be announced.

NON GRATA has emerged from Estonia as one of the most audacious and evolving performance art groups to regularly come to and perform in the United States. Performances, art tours organized in tens of cities across Europe, Asia and America have turned the notoriously alternative Non Grata into a creative collective who are much better known elsewhere than in Estonia. Their experience is not a subject much talked about, although artistic activity transcending boundaries of art and countries is today’s artist’s most desirable self-realization.




SY | 062 [Chicago] |
Amazing Hancock Brothers [TX]
Joseph Velasquez [WI]
Eric Piper [OK]
Pat Seals [TX]
NoMas Santini
Gordon Berry [NY]


Jury [Belarus/Chicago]
Mara Catalan [Spain]
Carlos Barberena [Nicaragua]
Fatherless [US/UK]
Danny Gonzalez [Puerto Rico/ US]


Toomas Kuusing [Estonia]
Peeter Allik [Estonia]
Anonymous Boh [Estonia]
Taje Tross [Estonia]
Ott Piibeman [Estonia]